Welcome to my art gallery for contemporary, original paintings for sale. You can choose between over 100 paintings for your home, office,  holiday home or as a present. I sell my paintings all over the world.


Original Art

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International Artist Magazine “Master Painter Of The World” Issue October/November 2023

Upcoming Exhibitions

Museum Ship

“Rickmer Rickmers”

 Landungsbrücken 1a

20459 Hamburg

11.09.2024 – 04.11.2024

INC art fair Bodensee
Messeplatz 1

6854 Dornbirn

15.-17. November 2024



World Art Dubai

Booth FAO8A
World Trade Center

2.-5. May 2024

Paintings in Art Galleries

Exclusively available at Art Gallery artSOLITAIRE / ars mundi Hannover – Germany



House and Garden
Feb, 2023

Oct, 2021

World of Interieurs
Sept, 2021

Sold Paintings

Some examples of my sold paintings. If you are interested in a commission, please contact me.

My Love For Water Lilies 1, 120x150x2cm, Sold to Manhattan New York/USA
Summer Garden 8, 60x60x2cm Sold to Germany
Run To, 60x80x2cm, Sold to Spain
Still Light, 60x60x2cm, Sold to France
Poppies Land 4, 80x80x2cm, Sold to Germany
Poppies Land 1, 80x80x2cm, Sold to France
Water Lilies 1, 60x60x2cm, Sold to Vancouver, Canada
Poppies Land 2, 80x80x2cm, Sold to Germany
Happy At The Pond 5, 80x80x2cm, Sold to Germany
Summer Garden 7, 60x80x2cm, Sold to Illinois, USA
Sunshine On The Pond 10, 100x100x2cm, Sold to Irland
Happy At The Pond 9, 60x60x2cm, Sold to Irland
A Promise Of Spring 1, 80x100x2cm, Sold to Jacksonville Beach, USA
Summer Garden 3, 60x60x2cm, Sold to Germany
Happy At The Pond 7, 80x80x2cm, Sold to Germany
I Love Water Lilies 2, 80x100x2cm, Sold to Santa Ana, USA
I Love Water Lilies 5, 80x80x2cm, Sold to Sweden
Water Lilies At Sunset 6, 60x80x2cm, Sold to Georgia, USA
Sunshine On The Pond 9, 80x80x2cm, Sold to Balcombe, United Kingdom
Morning Garden, 100x100x2cm, Sold to Chicago, USA

About me

I love everything involving water, waterlilies, nature and light. My desire is to catch a moment in nature forever on canvas. So that you can take it home with you. Painting for me is like entering a secret treasure place parallel to the outside world, where I can go every time I want to. My easel waits for me and to paint gives me strength and happiness. A peaceful quiet place, where I can always find me. I put all my love, power and fun in my work and I am sure that my paintings will give all of that to its new home.